Signing An Agreement With Social Services

The reviewer said: „The role of written agreements… it seems common, and yet we know that women who find themselves in situations where domestic abuse is at risk will find it very difficult to comply with such an agreement. For me, that is to blame the victims. And as you can imagine, the inspectors saw no evidence of the effectiveness of these agreements. Given that the focus was not on the culprit – who was the source of the abuse and therefore the risk – this is hardly surprising. Agreements may include an invitation to a victim of domestic violence to ensure that they have no contact with the perpetrator or not to drink or, at the very least, not to drink to a person who is in the throes of alcohol while the children are in the house. There are a number of things parents should know about written agreements. The first is that most written agreements contain a declaration that it is not a legally binding document or something like that. It is true that if a written agreement is breached, the local authority would not be able to bring an action for damages or infringement, and it cannot bring a parent to justice and compel him to comply with the written agreement. When people like „Machiavelli“ (an interesting and somewhat suggestive online monicist, to say the least… see below) believe that written chords are „smoke and mirror“ and „not worth the paper on which they are written,“ so why use them? In fact, the commentary of „Machiavelli“ is really disturbing and shows a degree of incompetence that stands out as frightening…

For how could „Machiavelli“ know that the policeman was „clearly inexperienced“ in child protection? Did the officer make some kind of badge or T-shirt that defended that fact? No no! The statement made is based solely on the opinion of „Machiavelli“ and therefore does not constitute a fact. How does one of us know if „Machiavelli“ is experienced or not in child protection? And then say, „I don`t think the threshold has been reached in any way.“ Well, obviously, other workers involved in the DID case think the threshold has been reached. So why would you like „Machiavelli“ to throw away your weight and lie to the police by providing a „Smoke and Mirror“ agreement that you yourself confess not to believe that it is worth „the paper on which it is written“ to confirm the safety of a child whose safety could not be confirmed by a written agreement that you , yourself, did not even trust in? A TERRIBLE PRACTICE, TRULY APPALLING! And if the „exit clause“ states that „mother and child are thriving now,“ where is the evidence? No other information is provided, so the case described could be as easily fictitious as it is real. In another case, the focus was on a mother to ensure that her partner, who had abused her for 18 years, had no contact with the children. It clearly did not take into account the forced control to which it might have been subjected. A social worker who responded to the survey commented that the agreements were „excessive“ or could be „vague or unrealistic“ and therefore fail families. This interviewee admitted that she was an inexperienced social worker both vaguely and through written agreements.

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