Who Can Revoke Executive Agreements

44 .C. The federal registry law requires executive orders and proclamations to be published in the federal registry. In addition, executive orders must meet the preparation, presentation and publication requirements set by an executive order adopted by President Kennedy. See Exec. Order No 11030, 27 Federal Register 5847 (1962) Codified 1 C.F.R. Part 19. In the case of Obama`s complaint, which grants amnesty to illegal immigrants and allows them to apply for work permits, states have asked federal courts to intervene and end the executive amnesty. And they did so, at least temporarily, until a decision was made in the future whether these complaints were constitutional and should be permanently registered. In applying this framework to President Truman`s action, Jackson J.A. found that the analysis in the first category was inappropriate because the seizure of the steel mills had not been authorized either implicitly or explicitly by Congress. Jackson J.A. also stated that President Truman`s action could not be defended in the second category because Congress had addressed the issue of forfeiture through legal measures that contradicted the President`s action.34 Jackson J.

found that the President`s action could only be upheld if it fell into the third category. , that is, by noting that „the seizure of these strike-related industries falls within its jurisdiction and is not subject to the control of Congress.“ 35 In practical terms, the president should rely on „all the rest of the executive branch according to the powers that Congress may have on the subject“ to legally refer the matter to the steel mills. Since the confiscation of steel mills was within the confines of congressional power, the exercise of presidential power was in these conditions „the most vulnerable to attack and [left the president] in the least favourable positions.“ 36 Conversely, If Congress supports an executive order and wants to bring more stability to the directive, Congress can codify the presidential order as it was issued or with certain amendments.70 Similarly, if the president adopts an executive order on dubious legal powers, Congress can then ratify it explicitly or implicitly.71 Washington and his successors as president have thousands of executive orders. The U.S. State Department began numbering in 1907 and worked on files dating back to 1862.

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