Agreement For Sale Of Furniture And Fixtures India

That below with regard to this furnishing and furniture and other things and property you have become the second party and your heirs, ancestors the sole owners and to use it on the basis of the right of ownership to occupy you and your ancestors heirs, you have the right and power to do so. 5. That in the case of the seller who does not hand over the property on the date mentioned above and does not have all the original and mentioned above documents of this block of ownership no. C 6 is cancelled in this case and the seller must immediately refund the amount of Rs.40.00.000 / – (only rupees forty lakhs). Thank you, in this case, property owners and furniture owners are different For real estate, it will be a complete transfer with acompttation, while it will be purchased for furniture and furniture in tranches, with clause to complete the payment for 5 years. 2.1. Conclusion. The conclusion of the purchase and sale of the assets (closing) shall be carried out on [date] at the same time as the execution of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the closing date). The following with respect to furnishings and furniture sold, and other things and property that neither the first party nor any of our heirs, ancestors have any right, share, interest, interest or authority. 1.

The seller accepted the sale and the buyer accepted the aforementioned good in exchange for consideration for paragraph 78.00.000 / – (rs. Seventy Eight Lakhs only) to buy. c. Sellers are responsible for all capital gains, taxes, turnover taxes, income taxes and similar taxes payable as a result of the execution of the transactions provided for in this Agreement. NOW, taking into account the premises and agreements and alliances set out therein and other counterparties of quality and value whose maintenance is confirmed and sufficient, each of the parties agrees as follows: other parts of the agreement are not reproduced because they are not relevant for our purposes) d. references to this agreement or any other agreement, the act or any other instrument shall be construed as a reference to such an agreement, instrument or other instrument which may be amended, amended or supplemented from time to time; 4. If the buyer refuses or fails to pay such a value on ______19__ or if, on a written offer of purchase money delivered or left at the hotel, the seller loses ownership and all annexes and premises as well as stocks in commerce, furniture, furniture, furniture, and effects or for the supply and transfer of licenses relating to the hotel and premises and their activities, and the other will pay $_____ for lump sum damages between them; And then these gifts are not valid. In this case, what agreement will take the process and explain. 3. It is also agreed between the parties that the buyer must pay the balance of article 48.00.000 (only to Lakhs Forty Eight) by check of January 31, 2011 at the time of execution of the deed of sale. 3. The assessment shall be carried out by two persons, one of whom shall be elected by each party, or by an arbitrator chosen by such assessors before proceeding with such an assessment; in the event that one of the parties made such an appointment in ___

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