Aia Architect And Consultant Agreement

Another important difference between the C401 and the C402 is the standard supply. While C402 contains an updated language that adapts to the standard of treatment defined in B101, C402 does not add the extended language of C401 which states that if the standard of treatment in the main agreement is different from that of C401, the consultant must meet the standard of treatment of the main agreement. This further reinforces the limited decline of the C402 agreement. Although shorter than C401, C402 is still a robust agreement with sections that offer protection for both the architect and the advisor: scope definition, responsibilities of each party, copyrights, claims and disputes, termination and indemnification. C402 is suitable for consultants who offer a limited scope or specialized services that do not go beyond all the typical stages of design, for example.B. Consultants who provide rendering services, planning services, feasibility studies, specification spelling services, material plans, elevator analysis and safety designs. If an architect needs to bind an advisor to the main agreement or if consultants are involved in a project from conception to design, C401 is appropriate. The C401 is also intended for consultants who provide the usual mechanical, electrical and construction engineering services or consultants who use their own sub-consuls. C402 is different from C401 in many ways and is not a short or abbreviated version of C401.

On the one hand, C402 maintains C727`s approach by not referring to the main agreement and by requiring the parties to define or annex a description of the scope of the consultant`s services. C402 has been available for many years as C727-1992. In 2018, it was digitized to reflect its status as a sub-convention within the conventional family of AIA documents. The layout and language of C402 includes important organizations and content from B101 and C401. This is apparent from the table of articles as well as the sections that define protocols for the transmission and use of numerical data and sections defining the additional services of the consultant. . . .

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