Hk Employment Agreement

If you apply for a job in Hong Kong, you will find that employees who want to travel abroad internally usually benefit from better conditions in their Hong Kong employment contract than a job abroad applying to a Hong Kong-based company. The employment contract is a contract in which the company hires an employee. The provisions and aspects of employment are detailed. An employment contract is a legally related document between a company or employer and a worker at the time the person is hired. It defines the nature of the work and also determines the rights and obligations of both parties. It usually covers salary or salaries, calendars, duration of employment, confidentiality, communication, benefits and future competition. Other terms, such as a property agreement, information to resolve the dispute, qualifications where the employee can work after the termination of the company, can be included. Also read our Hong Kong tax page, as you should be able to classify some of your Hong Kong salaries in your Hong Kong employment contract as a „rental refund“. This will offset part of your payroll tax under certain conditions.

Your employer`s human resources department should be able to continue to advise. Buyers can negotiate in their employment contract in Hong Kong: any provision of an employment contract purporting to erase or reduce the rights, benefits or protections granted to a worker by the Employment Regulation is not valid. Article 17: The assistant must submit his medical certificate to the employer for consultation. It is recommended that the employer review the medical certificate before sponsoring the application for a work visa from the assistant for Hong Kong. In accordance with Article 49A of the Employment Regulation, the following points must be duly registered for at least 12 months. It also gives us an idea of what should have been clearly included in the original employment contract: the Labour Regulation does not distinguish between „fixed-term“ workers, „part-time“ workers, „replaced“ workers, „permanent“ workers and full-time workers. All workers covered by the Employment Regulation, regardless of their indicated titles or working hours, are entitled to legal rights and protection such as the payment of wages, the limitation of the deduction of wages and the granting of statutory holidays, etc. .

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