12. September 2016


In addition to the conditions of the statute the following conditions will apply:

The yearly fee dependent on the kind of membership (KM) for

 KM   Yearly Fee Trial during the first year
1 the first adult member
€ 265,00 € 130,00
2 the second member with a full paying first member (spouse/partner)
€ 195,00 € 100,00
3 child/ grand child (in education) from a full paying first member
€ 80,00 € 40,00
4 member in education elder than 10 years  € 140,00 € 70,00
4a member in education up to 9 years € 100,00 € 50,00
5 sustaining or inaktive member with KM 1 oder 2 50,00
6 sustaining or inaktive member with KM 3, 4 or 4a € 25,00
10 a first member with a second club
€ 100,00

Some details in addition:

  • the reduced fees from KM 3, 4 and 6 are valid for pupils, students, apprentices and volunteers without own income. They apply up to the age of 27.
  • KM 5 and 6 are without the right to play
  • KM 10 needs a yearly confirmation about the membership in another German tennis club not within the TVM area
  1. If the membership in the trial period is not cancelled according § 4 of the statute,  the normal fees will apply in the following years.
  2. For lock and key (necessary to reserve a court) you have to pay a deposit of 35 €. If you lose lock oder key you have to cover the costs of replacement.
  3. All members with KM 3,4,6 or 7 and elder than 18 have to show a confirmation (e.g. student card) about their status. All changes (end of school, university)  have to be announced.
  4. Each member over 18 years has to execute a service for the cafeteria or for maintaining our facilities. If the service is not done, the yearly fee will be raised by 50€. The increased fee will be charged to the end of the summer season or with the fee for the following year.