Confidentiality Agreement Bc College Of Pharmacists

b) promote the contribution of pharmacists to the safe, rational and effective use of medicines and equipment and to the promotion of health and well-being; (5) A person seized of a data set, medication, device or object in accordance with this section is authorized to verify records, drugs, devices or things at any appropriate time and to obtain a copy of that data set at the college`s expense. (t) the general administration and operation of the college. Only pharmacists who need to see your file to provide you with pharmacy services should consult it. In other cases, only the information necessary for the respective use should be consulted (for example. B in case of emergency or for your own doctor when providing health care and care or for disciplinary purposes or examination of pharmacists). All employees of the BC Department of Health and Health insurance or service providers who process or may access confidential PharmaNet information or documents are subject to confidentiality provisions as a clause in their employment or contract. (a) the fine or fees or fees may be recovered as a fault of the college and, when recovered, ownership of the college and b) control of pharmacy practice by the college(2) The quorum at a college meeting is 50 pharmacists. 3 College membership is made up of individuals registered as pharmacists under this Act. All PharmaNet users who have access to patient information must sign confidentiality agreements. 2. The members of the Executive Committee covered in point 1 (b) are appointed and mandated by the Council at its first meeting after the college`s annual general meeting until they are replaced by the Board. 2. The number of members covered in point 1 (b) is determined by order of the Deputy Governor of the Council, after consultation with the President of the College.

2. The president of the college is the chairman of the board. Designated persons working in more than one pharmacy must sign a confidentiality obligation at each pharmacy, even if all pharmacies are part of the same chain. 2. The respondent, the college and, if necessary, the applicant may appear as parties to a disciplinary committee hearing and be represented by counsel. Pharmacies are required to comply with the guidelines and administrative requirements established by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia (CPBC) with respect to pharmacy confidentiality agreements, which include: 2) Section 1 does not exempt the College from delegated liability for an act or omission for which the College would be vicariously responsible if that section were not in force. Your medical records contain your name and address, all medications administered to you by a pharmacy in the past 14 months, and a protocol each case if your patient record has been accessed by pharmacists, emergency physicians, private physicians, the College of Pharmacists and the College of Physicians for the past 3 years.

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