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Later, the Hacienda served as a base of operations for Bonifacio and his men who, on 19 April 1897, proclaimed the Naique Military Agreement. This agreement created a rival government of Bonifacio which effectively rejected the government led by Aguinaldo. This eventually led to the arrest of Bonifacio, who was held with his brother Procopio in a Cell in Casa Hacienda, before being taken to Maragondon where he was subsequently tried and executed. [2] Influenced by Freemasonry, Katipunan had been organized with „its own laws, its bureaucratic structure and the direction of elections.“ [87] For each province concerned, the Higher Council coordinated provincial councils[88] that were responsible for „public administration and military affairs at the supracommunal or quasi-provincial level[87] and municipal councils[88] that were responsible for „district or barrio“ matters. [87] In the last days of August, Katipunan members met in Caloocan and decided to begin their revolt[87] (the event was later called „Cry of Balintawak“ or „Cry of Pugad Lawin“, the exact location and date are disputed). The day after the cry, the Supreme Council of Katipunan held, with the following results:[87][88] We, who signed it below with our real names, all the leaders of the army met for a meeting under the presidency of the Supreme President to discuss the critical situation of the pueblos and the revolution. After understanding that certain leaders have committed acts of treason by leading the force that comes from unity, by an agreement with the Spanish enemy and the deceit of the soldiers, and also by neglecting the inclination for the wounded, it is therefore our determination to save the people from this serious danger with the following means: I, Minister of State and President-in-Office , Mr. Jacinto Lumberas, Bagong Bayan, colleagues of ministers, generals, marshals, brigadiers, colonels, presidents and other leaders of the city within the jurisdiction of the aforementioned presidency, who have functions entrusted to them, each of us, major and competent, met and also met messengers: Andres Bonifacio (Maypagasa), esteemed in Supremo; Mariano Alvarez (Mainam), the current president, and our approval as follows: This manifesto is for all of you. It is absolutely necessary that we stop as soon as possible to resist the unsenamed sons of the country who are now suffering brutal punishment and torture in prisons and, therefore, let all the brothers know that Saturday 29th of the current month will begin the revolution, in accordance with our agreement. To this end, it is necessary for all cities to rise at the same time and attack Manila at the same time. Anyone who obstructs this sacred ideal of the people will be considered a traitor and an enemy, unless he is sick; or is not physically fit, in this case, according to the regulations we made in Mount of Liberty, August 28, 1896 – ANDRÉS BONIFACIO[5][66] Emilio Aguinaldo was not present at the congress, but was on a military front at Pasong Santol, a barrio of Dasmaria, Cavite.

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